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Fans of The Lion King

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Sale!!!! [12 Jan 2017|04:17pm]

Hey I'm Bella and I was into collect lion king plush, but I want to sell some of them, I have no room for them so if your interested here is a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZhoZ0DU4iU

If you just want t see what is for sale here are the links



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New things for sale [11 Jan 2013|03:11pm]

I've updated my page with many new Lion King items for sale, check them out! :)

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A few questions! [19 Oct 2012|03:21pm]

I have a few questions for anyone that might know.

Is there a website dedicated to The Lion King that is active that some of you may post on? I had a few things I wanted to share with others and have been looking for a dedicated site to post on.

Another question I had was if there was a website that publishes what disney merchandise is released this year in FL (I am not too familiar with disney things honestly).

Lastly I wanted to know about Simbas 'son'. Does anyone know exactly what merchandise he is said to have a son or a list published where it is documented?
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The Lion King Icons; 59 [16 Sep 2012|11:28pm]

The Lion King. 59 icons.

Please take, credit and comment. NO HOTLINKING. Thank-you.

iconlionking2 iconlionking18 iconlionking25 iconlionking35

The rest can be found HERE @ SparklingSugarGraphics
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The Lion King [16 Sep 2012|08:45pm]


HERE! at aniss_icons
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[30 Jun 2012|05:35pm]

00-01 :: Arctic Monkeys
01-02 :: Emma Watson
02-03 :: Zooey Deschanel
03-04 :: Yoona (SNSD)
04-05 :: Song Joong Ki
05-06 :: Monsters Inc
06-07 :: Aladdin
07-09 :: Beauty & the Beast
09-16 :: Harry Potter
16-18 :: The Lion King
18-22 :: Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief
22-24 :: Tangled
24-25 :: Tarzan
25-26 :: The Dark Knight
26-27 :: The Little Mermaid
27-28 :: UP
28-36 :: Stock
36-38 :: Avatar: The Last Airbender
38-41 :: Legend of Korra
41-42 :: Lost
42-44 :: Merlin
44-46 :: Supernatural

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Here at vermilionblush
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TLK early scripts [23 Mar 2012|01:21am]

Two early versions of TLK's script from 1990 have been found and are available for download here:


I have not yet read either of them, but this is still a fascinating find!
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Fic search [06 Mar 2012|03:58pm]

Hi! I have just watched Lion King freshly three times, and now I am dying for fanfiction. ^^'

Lion King was the first moviue ever I saw in the theaters, but I have only now begun to be interested in the actual fandom. So, if you would be kind enough to point me towards the GOOD Simba fics, I'll be eternally in your debt!

I am looking for practically any kind of fic, but H/C and angst are the closest to my heart. (the worse the hurt, the better...) But I won't say no to a good romance, fluff or adventure!

Longfics are preferred, but short fics are good too!

I have very few squicks, so if the fic is really rough, do not hesitate to bring it forward! Paring can also be anything, but as I said, Simba-centric. ^^

Thank you for your help!
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TLK on the Disney Channel [09 Feb 2012|11:16pm]

If you haven't already heard, the Disney Channel will be airing TLK this Saturday night at 7:30 PM (EST).

I find this rather momentous considering DC rarely airs the classic animated features...shame on them...
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x20 The Lion King icons [06 Feb 2012|07:57pm]

[x20] The Lion King icons


here @ shoujo_s
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Chronicles of The Pride Lands [17 Jan 2012|12:55am]

I am considering using the whole Aiheu mythos from COTPL in a fanfic I've been kicking around lately; is it necessary for me to contact Burkitt and Morris if I wish to do so, and if so, are their email addresses (in COTPL's copyright notice) still active?
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Icons [01 Dec 2011|08:59pm]

Base icons, all hyenas, here!
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Icons [09 Nov 2011|06:55pm]


( See them all here )
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BACK [24 Sep 2011|12:36am]

With a link to 95% of the merchandise. 

I really want to sell what I have remaining. Please take a look. Some stuff is extremely rare.  

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EVEN MORE TLK Stuff for Sale [22 Sep 2011|06:40pm]

1993 Kissing Simba and Nala
1993 Adult Simba and Nala
Lot of Lion King Toys
Lion King Plate and Utensils 
Simba and Nala from Disney on Ice
Simba Plush
Baby Simba
Zazu Finger Puppet
Kiara and Kovu
AND MORE NOT FEATURED Including Nala, Simba hand puppets, A LOT of Plushies

You can view most of these here

My entire collection must go! 

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Would anyone be interested in these things? [21 Sep 2011|12:47am]

I'm trying to sell some of my stuff and a few of these things include TLK stuff. 

If anyone is interested in either of these things or want more information, additional pictures (yest the one of the snowglobe is a stock photo, but I can take actual photos if you want) or anything then just contact me and we can talk. 

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TLK in 3D: My Thoughts [19 Sep 2011|02:46am]

[ mood | peaceful ]

Busa Simba Iyo!Collapse )

But when I first got the news of TLK's 3D rerelease (back in May during the American Idol finale, of all places...) I freaked the freak out.  Why?  Well 3D or no 3D, there's something wonderful about seeing Disney classics on the big screen; that's what they were made for (I had similar excitement when The Nightmare Before Christmas got its 3D rerelease as well).   Watching my much-loved TLK DVD on my home theater setup is very nice, but there's nothing quite like the whole moviegoing experience, you know?

So after months of anticipation I saw TLK 3D on its opening night Friday, and here's what I have to say:

First, the film's version appears to be the 2002 IMAX release, with enhanced special effects, redrawn crocodiles in IJCWTBK, etc.  Happily, the "Morning Report" song from the DVD version was not present.  The only new change was the addition of the new Walt Disney Pictures/Walt Disney Animation Studios logos at the start of the film and after the credits.

In some shots there appeared to be additional foliage/rocks added into the scene for the sake of 3D multiplane effects, but I'm not certain.  As for the 3D itself, it was suprisingly well done; some effects like Scar leaping through the flames in the final battle genuinely made me flinch.

What delighted me the most was that the audience was almost entirely composed of older teens and young adults, presumably there for a nostalgia trip.   And though I've seen TLK many, many times in my life and know every word and every scene, the experience, in a strange way, reminded me of just how much I love the film, and why.   When the credits rolled, everyone clapped and cheered like wild, and I couldn't stop myself from joining in.  (I also couldn't resist singing along with the songs--even the "Busa" chant when Simba decides to return!--and humming along with certain bits of the background music :P)

In conclusion, if you love TLK, revisiting it on the big screen will prove to be a marvelous experience even if you share my views about 3D.  But you'd better hop to it--it will be pulled from theaters on the 29th!

EDIT 9-26-11: Due to its excellent performance at the box office, Disney is considering extending TLK 3D's theatrical run.

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The Lion King trilogy DVD - $18 shipped! [12 Sep 2011|01:44pm]

Hi fellow fans ^^

I am getting the blu ray box soon and was hoping someone could take the DVDs off my hands.

+ My feedback (Ebay, LJ, GameTZ) is in my journal. Combined its over 200+
+ I only take Paypal

Lion King 1 - Complete with slipcover. Discs are immaculate.
Lion King 1 1/2 - Disc 1 has a small scratch, Disc 2 is in excellent condition. No slipcover.
Lion King 2 - Disc 1 has a major scratch (didn't play good on a DVD player, but played flawlessly on my PS3), Disc 2 is in excellent shape. No slipcover.

$18 USD shipped with delivery confirmation!

I don't want to split them up at this time.

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Introduction, Kopa and other matters [21 Aug 2011|07:33pm]

[ mood | lazy ]


I'm new to this comm but certainly no stranger to TLK, having grown up with the films.   TLK is actually among the first Disney films I saw as a kid, and it's held a dear place in my heart ever since.

Read OnCollapse )

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Kijani's Lion King Collection [29 Jul 2011|11:39pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Long story short, I found my way into the furry fandom through The Lion King fandom, which I have been a part of ever since I re-watched the film in 2004 to write a college essay. I became obsessed with the movie and all of a sudden, everything around me had to be Lion King, and my collection grew and grew as my dad wondered why in the world so many packages and parcels were arriving at our front door :p

My love for TLK eventually translated into a love for real African lions, and eventually the furry fandom in early 2008, but I've never forgotten my roots.

I have had many people ask about my TLK collection, which is unofficially the largest in the United States, currently at 960 individual items. It (or as much of it as I could feature in my display case) was featured at the Western Washington (Puyallup) State Fair several years ago and won a People's Choice Award.

I actually haven't collected much since joining the furry fandom, as most of my spare money goes towards real lion and anthro stuff now, but I will occasionally pick up something TLK-related especially now with the re-release of TLK on 3D and blu-ray coming up and the slew of TLK merchandise that has already, or will soon be hitting the shelves.

Here are some photos detailing most of the rest of my collection, which includes the 160 or so items in my Lion King on Broadway collection - I have been fortunate enough to see this show 14 times in seven different cities around the country and Shanghai, China.

Thanks for taking a look and sharing my love for a movie that has a place near and dear to my heart.

Lion King Plushies!

Figurines and Ornaments

Art and Lithographs

Posters - 1

Posters - 2

Bradford Collection Plates

Large, Small Books

TLK Six New Adventures Collection - rare!


Programs, Folders

Bath Stuff - including ultra-rare imported TLK cologne from Spain

Pins, Buttons

Skybox Collectible Card Sets

Miscellaneous Items (toys, games, stationery, stuff for the house)

Shirts - TLK, TLK on Broadway

Media - Broadway Programs, Music CDs, DVDs

Jackets - TLK, TLKOB

TLK on Broadway Miscellaneous - Collectibles, plushes, pins, bags

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