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Music from The Lion King Animated Storybook.

Yo. I haven't seen this done before, and I was insanely bored, so have at it. I recorded some of the background music from The Lion King Animated Storybook, cleaned it up and converted it into MP3s. I say some, because the music is just from the pages you could explore, and not the pages that were automatic (I can get that music, but it will have loud sound effects and dialogue over the top).
OK, track listing:

01 - Opening
02 - Circle of Life
03 - This Land
04 - I Just Can't Wait to be King
05 - Elephant Graveyard
06 - Under the Stars
07 - Be Prepared
08 - Hakuna Matata
09 - Can You Feel the Love Tonight
10 - This Land (Reprise)
11 - End Credits

Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/p3a6y2

Please let me know if the link goes down and I'll re-upload it. Kthnx.

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