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Hello all!

Hi, I'm new here. I managed to hook up my scanner the other day, so I scanned some old artwork I found.

*insert shameless plug of bad fan art*
Most of these are about 7 years old or so. The scanner bed is smaller then the paintings though, so the edges where cut off. Here's one I did of scar;

And one I did of Scar and Simba, even though Simba's head looks deformed. I'll just say he was in a bad accident....maybe Scar squeezed him or something...LOL. It was done on this formica-like art board with metallic acylic paints and this verdigris effect paint stuff.

I'll just put the links to the rest.

another one of Scar;¤t=scar1.jpg

Zira from Simba's Pride;¤t=zira.jpg

These two aren't TLK related, but I'll put the links anyway just in caseanybody's interested.

A more recent one of Stitch from Lilo&Stitch;¤t=stitch.jpg

And one of Steele from Balto;¤t=steele.jpg

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