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His Father's Son

Title: His Father's Son, or Unforgivable
Author: M.E.
Fandom: Lion King II: Simba's Pride
Summary: He understood. Really, he did...Because he had a scar. Because he was different. Because he was his father’s son. Kovu reflects, and realizes.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not a thing. I couldn't even find a Puumba plushie. *sad face*
Characters/Pairing: Kovu
Warnings: none
Rating: PG
Word Count: 228

A/N: I wrote this while listening to “One of Us” from Lion King II and I’d highly recommend the same while reading.


He understood. Really, he did.

He knew the damage his sire had done (Zira had certainly reminded him often enough…with distinct relish at the recounting).

So he understood. Really he did. He understood why they would be particularly harsh on him; that they would distrust him immediately; that he would always be guilty until proven innocent.

And yet…it hurt. For a short time, things had been going so well. He was with the love of his life after so many years apart and winning over her father. Then Zira and his family had to ruin everything. Again.

He understood. Really he did; how they could automatically blame him for all that had gone awry without even allowing him a chance to explain.

And yet…he didn’t. He didn’t—couldn’t—understand how they could blame him for everything. How they couldn’t even listen.

That was why, when they ran him out of the place he could have called home (his first real home) he knew he could never, ever forgive them. He may accept their apologies one day, may return, may even rule them in some far distant future. But he would never forgive them. Never trust them.

Because even as they had stood wrapped in their fearful self-righteousness, they had condemned him, betrayed him. Because he had a scar. Because he was different. Because he was his father’s son.

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