October 13th, 2003


This is SUCKY!

I could only play my DVD once on my comp using the DDVD program. I wanted to watch it again and the DDVD program said that there was an error. Okay. So I use WMP, and the same thing happened: it allowed me to play it once, then never again.

Anyone else having this problem? It's aggravating!

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Oh am I pissed

I just joined to point out that the hyena "documentary" on the special edition dvd is a crock of dung.

They said there are two types of hyenas, the spotted and the striped. WRONG, there is also the brown hyena. When they showed footage of a striped hyena it was in fact footage of african wild dogs!! At another point in the "documentary" they show footage of wild dogs. WTF?!?! DO YOUR RESEARCH, PEOPLE. I have to double check the first shots of the supposed wild dogs, as that might have been a type of hyena, but I'm sure the other footage was of a wild dog clan.

I'm not sure if I want to watch the other "documentaries".....

BTW what was up with "Morning Report"!?! I read earlier discussion on that and I agree: Craptastic.

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-laughs- I'm going to be sent to the showers for this, but I feel compelled. The following is a list of reasons why Simba's Pride sucks.

one It's a sequel. And sequels, with very few exceptions, suck by default. SP is in no way a sufficient follow-up to its predecessor. Moreover, TLK didn't need a sequel. It's powerful in itself. People ought to be left to decide for themselves what happens next.

two The whole idea of Scar having followers is ludicrous. I mean, think about it. Who in her right mind would support a king who destroyed his kingdom? I don't buy the idea of brainwashing, either. Every lioness under Mufasa's rule adored him. Proof? They all fought Scar and the hyenas in the end. We didn't see any lionesses trying to protect Scar, now did we? Nala was the youngest when Mufasa died, and even she remained loyal to him and to Simba.

three Simba. He deserves to be freaking shot in the head by poachers. He's so overprotective and stupid, and essentially doesn't let Kiara be herself. As Kiara puts it, he "will never be Mufasa." And he needs to realize that. Bottom line: he's WIMPY. And a joke of a king.

four Where the hell was Sarabi?

There are my main reasons. Here are some other observations:

# The reuse of TLK 1 lines got old. "Pleeeease?" -big smile-, "Follow old Rafiki, he knows the way."

# If Scar wasn't Kovu's father, who is? How many male lions just happen to be wandering around Pride Rock--especially when there's nothing there?

# Nala's line to Simba: "She's just like you were when you were young." Wrong. The only similarity is that they both wanted to run off and have their own little adventures. Simba wanted to do that to show off and pretend that he owned the world, whereas Kiara wanted to get away from her dad and the responsibility being forced on her. The two are very, very different.

# Zazu serves very little purpose.

And here I draw a blank. There are other things, of course, but it's late, I'm tired, and I want to see how you all react to this.