November 19th, 2003

[Contemplation] Deep silent complete
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Looks like there's been an art explosion here lately. I wasn't sure before if it was okay for me to post fan art here, but since everyone else seems to be doing it, here goes my latest batch.

Behind this link...Collapse )

Umm.....anyway, that's it. Hope it's okay for me to post this here. ^_^;;
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Introductions and all

Heh, lurked around here before getting a livejournal and, after having one for some weeks now, figured it was due time I made an introductory post here.

So, I'm Snowy. Probably best known in the fandom forfanart, but I'm also prone to protracted analytical discussions (you should see some of my forum posts, heh) and have a couple of fanfictions in the works, too. Haven't been around quite from the beginning, but it was definitely before SP came out, back on the old Rumor Mill at Yeah, before even the forum there. I feel old. ;p
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