May 7th, 2006

I Don't Know Noses!

Somebody please enlighten me about the Lion King art concept. I've asked people this on Fan Art, but I haven't got replies.

I don't get that slight gradient they seem to have at the nose. Here are examples: Simba and Nala, Kovu, Adult Simba. See the tonal value on the noses? I have two questions about them:

1) Why is it even there? Is something very noticeable in lions or big cats in general, like the mane or the short snout?

2) Does anyone know how to replicate this? I've tried in Adobe Photoshop, using the Smudge tool, but that's not good enough. Some artists make it look like it's a gradient by itself, very accurately done. Here's my result so far: Muffy and Scar.

Sorry if this is off topic. Thanks.
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