May 31st, 2006

by: gato_sama

Purring Kiara and Kovu

Hey everyone!

Big fan of TLK here!! I have a question for anyone who can be so kind as to give me an answer. I've been dying to find those adorable purring Kiara and Kovu plushes that were made by Mattel back in 1998. I have no idea where to get them though. I've looked everywhere!! If anyone has any idea where to get these or has them and is planning to sell them, please please please tell me. If you like, you can see a picture of what I mean here...

If you think there's anyway you can help, please do! And thank you so much in advance!

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spice girls

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on friday i'm seeing the broadway version of the lion king at a theater in hartford, CT! i'm really excited cause i've wanted to see the play for such a long time, and of course cause the lion king is the best story/move of all time. =) i have orchestra seats, so they should be pretty close! i'll take pictures & let you all know how it was once i come home!
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