May 3rd, 2007


This allowed?

a multifandom LJ-based RP

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Simply put, there is sometimes a wonderland that knows how to be nice. It knows how to serve tea and bake you cookies; it knows how to tell the time. A place suspended between life and death, it is an endless stretch of greens to the south, a bottomless background to the north, and invisible fences that go round and round and round to the east and west. There’s one way in, billions out—do you remember the whispered words of the almost-dead? Of a corridor that stretches, of a large balcony, a window, then a light; you do, don’t you?

Every world possess one of these; the dead find it quite easily when it is their time to go. But y’know, rules are rules and rules are boring so let’s give it a little twist and let the living find it too. Do you smell that? It’s the aroma of your grandmother’s cooking, the scent of your mother’s hug--amazing, isn’t it? C'mon, follow it. Go on. At the end of this passageway, you’ll see a window, a window so big that you can fit your whole house through. If you squint and lean over and fall down, and SURPRISE!

Welcome, Alice, to Wonderland.Collapse )

Every single fandom is accepted. The reason I am advertising this, is because I want more Lion King characters over there. Mainly looking for Simba, Mufasa or one of the hyena's??