May 19th, 2007

Lion King Goodies up for grabs!

I fell in love with the Lion King when it was first released in the cinemas. I owe it a great deal, it inspired my passion for cartoon/comic art, and got me over my unfortunate "too cool for cartoons" phase. I loved it so very much i had a huge merchandice collection...

Which is the reason I'm posting...

I'm moving into a flat soon, and i really don't have the room to keep all my old Lion King goodies :( ... I'd rather they went to people who'll love them as much as I did rather then give them to charity. I plan to ebay them off, BUT before that, i thought I'd offer them here for anyone interested.

I seriously have an ENORMOUS collection, most still boxed (though the boxes are open, I was a collector, but i was also fairly young)
I've got a few cuddly toys, heaps of figures, statues bags, mugs, books and other rather micellanious things that don't catagorize, like a lunchbox and a towel.  Most of it is Lion King 1, and it's varying characters, though I'm keeping hold of most of my Scar stuff, I DO have a few double ups I'd like to give away. 

I'd scan and photograph the whole set and put it up here, but becasue of the sheer number of items. Offer what you like on the items, I'd love to trade as well as sell, and I'm really not bothered by worth, I just want it all to go to good homes...

I'd like to know if anyone is honestly interested before I go to all the trouble of uploading them though (LOTS of hard work! Phew!)


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