May 26th, 2007

I haven't forgotten you!

Sorry about the ominous silence.... I've been busy boxing up all my stuff and shopping for boring things such as fridges and toasters to move into my flat. 

I've been busy photographing and scanning all my stuff (well most, I'm SURE there are things still hiding int he back of cupboards and wardrobes) and I'm aiming to have them up either tomorrow or the day after.

However, I have a number of items I can't seem to price. My policy so far is to hunt down other auctins/sales and half the price other people are offering stuff for, so you get it nice and cheap! But I have a few items I can't find aside lists of private collections. Mostly old and retired Disney store items or items sold exclusively in one area of the world. 

Does anyone know of a comprehensive list somewhere that would have the value of really rare items?


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