June 9th, 2007


Disney/Simba's Pride fans...check it out! :)

Hope ya'll don't mind...just wanted to share the love! ;)

I have a messageboard dedicated to ALL the Disney fans out there, who just need a place to chill and talk Disney without the fear of being picked on for loving 'childish' things. :) We have sections dedicated to the parks, the movies, the music, and the broadway musicals, plus a HUGE OOC section and a roleplay section as well. There's also plenty of news on upcoming films and almost weekly updates on what's new at Disney World from the admin, yours truely, who practically lives at WDW.

Also! We have an awesome project coming up soon. For those who enjoy creativity (writing, drawing, designing, etc) and Disney (which is probably everyone here, right? lol) We're doing a 'Broadway Workshop' project where we are going to go through the creative processes of making a musical (Of course, the musical won't actually end up anywhere...its just for fun!)

In 2003 I did this with the movie Tarzan...we got halfway through creating the show and then discovered that Disney was indeed getting started on making the musical, so that project died. This time though, I have chosen a movie that will NEVER be chosen for broadway - The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. We will be designing costumes, sets and makeup, as well as writing lyrics for new songs and preparing the script. So we need those good with music and lyric writing, artists, authors...we need anyone who can do arty stuff. xD

The project is starting mid-June (as thats when I have time to gather all the info and get started. XD) So next week sometime. I would prefer most of the crew to be signed up before hand, so I can pass out jobs appropriately and the like. So pleae, if you are interested, consider joining ahead of time, so you don't forget and miss the deadline.

The first course of action when the project starts will be to watch TLK2 and jot down any and all ideas you have about transfering it to musical form. (Such as good places to add songs, scenes to add in that explain some of those silly plotholes, etc etc.) So make sure you have a copy handy.

Of course, the project is not required if you just want to join the board for discussion. ;) So if you are a Disney fan, please, come join in on the fun! :D

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