July 13th, 2007

You Can't Knock Me Down (Katara)

Newbie here.

Hello! I joined a few days ago! I'm suprised it took me this long to finally join a TLK community.

I used to be OBSESSED with The Lion King. I named EVERY mandrill at the zoo Rafiki, collected a bunch of toys, acted out scenes (and made up new ones) with my dad, decorated my room with Lion King decorations (that are still in my room), and probably much more that I can't remember. And today I FINALLY watched it again for the first time in years. Still awesome, but shorter than I remember. Quick question: in the special edition DVD, did they cut out some tiny conversations? I SWEAR they took out Scar's comment on hyenas at the very beginning of "Be Prepared"! (I listened to the song before watching it.) Or am I just insane? Perhaps I zoned out a few too many times while watching it today...

Anyway, glad I found this community!
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    "Ratiki Mourns" - The Lion King - Original Broadway Soundtrack