June 21st, 2009

What are your thoughts while watching The Lion King?

Hi all!
My name's Tessa and I'm a huge lover/fan of The Lion king. I've actually just finished watching it and it's twenty to four in the morning where I'm located...
But, I couldn't sleep so I thought to watch The Lion King movie.
I haven't watched it in a long time; at least a year has gone by. So, when I turned it on I was prepared to sit back and enjoy.
Enjoy I certainly did!!!!!! I still love this movie, can still quote from it, can know what scenes/songs are coming next... etc. etc.
(I'm the same way with Pocahontas the Disney movie that came out after the Lion King...) but I digress...
Anyways, I love the lion king! Just this simple movie took me back to a time when things were simpler, I could forget my crap for a little while and could get lost in a story, songs, characters and events that never lose there magic, sadness, music, love, friendship...etc. etc.
You can NOT forget about the music of the lion king!!!! It's beautiful!!! (and yes, I do have the rhythm of the pride lands cd...*I should dig that out*) The creators of The Lion King are awesome!!! I've just forgotten how much...Seeing the movie makes me appreciate it all over again! The musical is my favorite play...but with out the movie we'd have no musical..
Some scenes that still got me even after all these years...Collapse )
So, what are your thoughts on The Lion King? Favorite scenes? Songs? Lines? Anything!!!!
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