August 11th, 2010

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A Land Community!


Welcome to the_pridelands

A Land Community for the movie The Lion King

This community is a fun community full of challenges, games and puzzles for points earning. Not only that, but you can earn individual points that allow you to win online goodies like images, etc. In order to join, please apply here, where the rules are and the teams.

Speaking of which, the teams include the following:

team_mufasa : This group is for the strong willed lions who live on pride rock. They know who they are, what they want and how do get it. They aren't afraid to do anything to be happy. They value their family and friends.

team_shenzi : This group is for all those hyenas that hate living in exile. They want food and they're willing to get another person, or lion, to help them.

team_rafiki : This group is for all of the minor animal characters (ie: Rafiki, Zazu, Pumbaa and Timone). They are loyal without a doubt to their friends and family and will do anything to protect one another.

team_generation : This group is for all of the baby lions. They're attached to their family and friends but still strive for independence from them.

team_pridealand : This group is for all of the people who live in Pride Rock secretly, anonymously, scuttling around, hoping not to be seen or heard.

Hope to see you there!