March 6th, 2012

Fic search

Hi! I have just watched Lion King freshly three times, and now I am dying for fanfiction. ^^'

Lion King was the first moviue ever I saw in the theaters, but I have only now begun to be interested in the actual fandom. So, if you would be kind enough to point me towards the GOOD Simba fics, I'll be eternally in your debt!

I am looking for practically any kind of fic, but H/C and angst are the closest to my heart. (the worse the hurt, the better...) But I won't say no to a good romance, fluff or adventure!

Longfics are preferred, but short fics are good too!

I have very few squicks, so if the fic is really rough, do not hesitate to bring it forward! Paring can also be anything, but as I said, Simba-centric. ^^

Thank you for your help!